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My name is Kevin Dureiko

Husband, Father, Fund Manager. 



The Full Story

Kevin Dureiko, The Debt Fund Guy, founder of Birch & Dobson was born and raised in Connecticut and currently resides there with his wife Valerie and their two children.

Kevin spent years in jobs ranging from Corporate America, to Engineering and Logistics all while building Birch and Dobson to a full time business.

Over the course of his career, Kevin has been blessed by working with the countries top real estate operators and has had previously been hired under multi-year retainers by multi-billion dollar private investment funds.

Prior to pivoting to active investing and capital raising under the Birch and Dobson flag, Kevin has provided over $100M worth of financing through his real estate debt fund to clients across the US and has underwritten over one billion for consulting clients. 

You can find Kevin on many of the top real estate shows and podcasts as an expert in the field of private real estate debt and operating investment funds. Kevin will soon be featured on the real estate show Staycation™ airing in early 2024 on CBS.

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.

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