I Help Doctors Diversify.

By Operating Their Own Real Estate Fund.

Space is limited to 3-4 clients per month.

Not all who apply are accepted.

Operating your own Fund vs. Investing in Someone Else's.

Take control of your legacy today.

100% Control of Your Capital

Learn how to control your investments, with the same time and effort as it takes to invest in someone else's.

With More Control, You Get More Profits

By operating your own fund you no longer have to pay Management, Acquisition, Financing fees (plus many others).

Legally Allow Others to Invest With You.

By operating your own real estate fund, you have the opportunity to allow other investors into your deals. You control the investment 100%.

Control Your Time and Future

Learn a valuable skill that can pave the way for your legacy that compliments your medical career.

No Compromise, Just Maximize.

Because It’s Time To Take Control.

Why invest in someone else's real estate dreams when with the right guidance, you can accomplish your own? Control your investment capital, start building your legacy that compliments your medical career perfectly.

  • Work with one of the countries top fund builders

  • Get one-on-one dedicated guidance until you succeed

  • Have your colleagues begging to invest with you

No Compromise, Just Maximize.

Work With A Top Fund Builder.

Kevin has been hired by multi-billion dollar private funds and is blessed with working along side the countries top real estate operators. He operates BirchDobson, a private debt fund that works with select real estate professionals across the US. Kevin's mission to help MD's and medical professionals take control of their futures by operating their own real estate fund has sparked FundFramework™, Kevin's proprietary fund building consulting program for MD's.

Because It’s Time To Seek Advice From an Expert

Keeping you on track without overwhelming.

As one of the most sought-after fund designers in North America, Kevin works exclusively with a select group of motivated MD's who want to rapidly grow their portfolios through the fund model.

With Kevin's guidance and support, investors can take advantage of the fund model to achieve their investment goals and build wealth, diversify income and shore up retirement while leaving a generational legacy.



My goal is to have you learn the process and have me available to guide you. Reducing wasted time, mistakes and costs.


Learn how to control your investments

I encourage passive investing with an active management style.


Have Your Colleagues Beg To Invest with You.

Allow your colleagues to participate and acquire larger more profitable assets.



Spread your investments across multiple asset classes.

No Compromise, Just Maximize.

Because It’s Time To Seek Financial Advice From Experts


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